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PPL: NESTcorps


with Isa Moreno

Calendar Jan 31, 2022 at 4 pm


Learn leadership, project management, logistics, and marketing skills while working on a project that makes a difference in the community! This group started to address the needs that arose from COVID-19, but it will continue to tackle the needs in our community even after the pandemic is over. The spring session will be the second phase where we take the research we conducted in the Fall, and create a plan of action to address the importance of having a culturally competent curriculum in schools, such as Ethnic Studies. At the end of the session, we will present the research and plan of action to leaders in the community, which will prepare us for the implementation stage during the Summer. 

Additional Information: 

  • You can ask for community service hours for your work. 
  • This training will be taking place in person at the Watsonville Digital NEST and broadcast to the Salinas Digital NEST

WIT: Web Design with JavaScript


with Jennifer Lopez

Calendar Feb 1, 2022 at 3:30 pm

Dive into the world of programming by learning Javascript, a powerful language that animates websites and creates interactive behavior in web apps. Javascript is a highly used and flexible programming language of the web. It adds that spark and interactive behavior that users want to see. In this training, you will learn javascript fundamentals, in order to create a website with an interactive navigation bar that will display smaller assignments and games.  Master this tool and start thinking like a developer. This course will adjust to students’ learning paces. There’s no pressure, our goal is to get you comfortable coding with JavaScript. At the same time, you will get closer to bizzNEST and become more competitive for developer jobs in the industry. 

Members will learn:

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, 

Additional Information:

  • Encouraged to complete Web Design with HTML & CSS or an equivalent training 
  • Eligibility requirements:
    • Must be Digital NEST member 
  • Next Training:
    • Coding Bootcamp

WIT: Game Development w/ Unity


with Robert Booth

Calendar Feb 1, 2022 at 4:30 pm

This fun game was first introduced at Unity’s huge annual conference Unite back in 2015. It is a great introductory game development project and will get students very comfortable working in the Unity IDE. The game is a two player game with each player controlling a comically large tank in a great environment. The project comes with all the resources needed to create the game. 

Members will learn how to: 

  • Set up and configure game objects. 
  • Add movement functionality to the tanks and will add audio and visual effects as well. 
  • Set up colliders and through C# scripts they will create in Visual Studio how to code collision detection produced events. 
  • Create the heads up display (HUD) elements.
  • Cause projectiles to be fired and how to add explosions. 
  • Use cameras in Unity and how to create an orthographic view that scales dynamically.

Additional Information: 

  • No experience required!
  • Eligibility requirements: Must be Digital NEST member

WIT: UX Design with Adobe XD


with Monica Gutierrez

Calendar Feb 2, 2022 at 4 pm

Good user experience and the user interface are essential to designing a clean website for users. In this workshop, members will learn Adobe XD to design a landing that is hypnotic, purposeful, responsive, and targets the users to perform a specific action.  Members will work with sample content and get feedback along the way to create a stunning landing page. Bring your land page with  Adobe XD and collaborate with your peers. Gain valuable web design and UX/UI design knowledge that will give you the competitive edge as a web designer, UX/UI designer, or as a bizzNEST web design intern. In the end, you will have a project for your portfolio, design skills, opportunities for growth, and connection to a fun community at the Digital NEST. 

Members will learn:

  • UX Design,
  • UI Design,
  • Adobe XD,
  • Principles of Conceptual Design

Additional Information: 

  • No prerequisites, Encouraged to complete Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 
  • Eligibility requirements: Must be Digital NEST member 
  • Next Training: Introduction to Figma 
  • The training will be in-person at Watsonville and broadcast to the Salinas Digital NEST site

WIT: Tech Squad (S)


with Jennifer Lopez

Calendar Feb 5, 2022 at 3 pm

Join Tech Squad, a team that is dedicated to advancing Digital NEST’s mission of providing access to technology for all and helping you break into tech and possible careers in tech. Members in Tech Squad learn entry-level customer service skills as well as essential project management and technical skills to help As a part of Tech Squad in Salinas, you will learn how to manage and track technical equipment, troubleshoot hardware and software computer issues, and work on a community project all from the outlet. You'll be able to impress and help your family and friends with your newfound tech savviness! Most Importantly, you will find an accepting and supportive community that will help you grow and develop high technical skills, and that will connect you to the world of technology. 

We will train you and you will use your skills to help your community by helping individuals who do need support with their daily technical needs. We will select that project together.  At the same time, connect with the Digital NEST, learn to troubleshoot your own technical problems at home, and make a positive impact on your community. Your community needs your technology talents - Tu comunidad necesita tus talentos con la tecnología

Members will learn:

  • Track and maintain technical equipment, problem solve, collaborate, manage project tasks, apply tech skills to help the community

Additional Information: 

  • No prerequisites
  • Eligibility requirements: Must be Digital NEST member 
  • The training will be in person at the Salinas Digital NEST site

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