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Digital Arts + Technology

Partnership: El Nido


Students participating in this partnership course will be exposed to basics skills and techniques within the following departments at the Digital NEST: 

  • Digital Arts + Technology 
  • Web + Information Technology
  • People Projects and Leadership

DAT: Media Creator Meetup


with Mayra Ruiz-Valtierra

Join the Media Creator team for the opportunity to exercise your creativity. Earn volunteer hours while working to build the NEST community through small projects in graphic design, photography, videography, and music production. This is a creative space, for creative thinkers, who have creative solutions.

Additional Information: Open to all members, recommended for new members. Members will learn: 

  • Adobe illustrator 
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Design Layout + Composition
  • Creating artist page on Instagram

Will run

DAT: Acting Lab I


with Andres Mercado

Ready to become a movie star? In this training we will learn the fundamentals of script analysis, character development, and on-camera acting through scene study, monologues, and a variety of exercises.

Additional Information: Open to all members, recommended for new members. Highly recommended for Connect Crew and Events Unit members. This training can be taken more than once. 

Will run

DAT: Photography Meetup


with Carlos Campos

If you’re stuck in “auto mode” on your camera because “manual mode” seems too intimidating, the photography meetup is here for you!  Learn the basics of exposure and how to use the settings on your camera. Join us in this creative space to get the support and training you need to be a great photographer! During this meetup we will focus on Studio photography and editorial photoshoots. This is great for new and experienced members to create portfolio peices for their creative resume. 

Additional Information: Open to all members, recommended for new members.  Members will learn to use: 

  • T6i Camera
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Studio Photography
  • Studio Lighting and Color Setup

Will run

DAT: Podcast Meetup
Registration Unavailable

DAT: Podcast Meetup


with Jane Tobias

In this meetup we’ll  document stories from our community and share them with the public. The Podcast Meetup is designed to introduce you to future careers in media creation and journalism. In this workshop you will practice radio and documentary journalism by creating podcast episodes that tell the stories of communities and issues that are important to you. 

Additional Information: Open to all members, recommended for new members. Members will learn to use: 

  • Adobe Audition
  • Studio Microphones
  • Rode Podcasting Interface
  • Zoom H1 + H6

DAT: Writer's Room


with Gabriel Medina

Let’s write a script together! In this lab we will learn about the creative writing process and short film structure, then apply those skills in co-creating a script that we will film in the Summer. This year’s script will be set in a Magical Realist world, we encourage you to come with ideas and watch one or more of the following films prior to the lab: 

Additional Information: Open to high school juniors, seniors, and college students interested in pursuing a career in screenwriting or curious about the writing process.

Will run

Partnership: WHS Internship at the NEST

Calendar Dec 20, 2019 at 1:08 pm, runs for 42 weeks

Develop your skills in project management, film, and graphic design by working on projects for the NEST and the wider community. You will be a crucial part of moving our biggest and most important events and creative projects forward. Interested in graphic design? Help build an app for NEST Flight, our annual conference that serves 300 youth. Interested in film? Document events such as NEST Flight, NEST Birthday and Watsonville Film Festival in preparation to make a trailer for the new NEST film.  Interested in project management? Design events in preparation to manage a production team to complete the trailer for the production. 

Additional Information: The Professional Design Internship welcomes members of all skill levels. All we ask is that you come ready to learn and to work collaboratively. As a team we share responsibilities, pull ideas from multiple perspectives, and complete projects together. 

Students have to be enrolled in this elective during 5th period at Watsonville High School. It covers a fine arts elective. Applications are available by contacting Alexis Flores. 

Will run

DAT: Music Production I - Composing for Film + MultiMedia


with Tizok Ramirez

Calendar Jan 27, 2020 at 4 pm, runs for 8 weeks

In this training members will learn basic techniques in writing music for film and multimedia projects. Members will be introduced to basic Music Theory and Genre, how to find the emotional response from a scene or clip, and how to construct a variety of sounds to produce a score using an MIDI along with industry level software such as pro tools. 

Additional Information: Open to all members, recommended for new members interested in filmmaking or music production.

Next Training: Music Production II - Sound Production for Film + MultiMedia

Will run

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